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CellBlocks is rolling out a new pilot program.

CellBlocks has a Solution to all of these issues.
1. Using CellBlocks, inmates will have peace of mind in storing their value
in digital tokens and will be able to reast easy knowing it cant be taken
from them.

2. Via the public ledger aka (blockchain) adminstrations will be able to see
the flow of transactions within their prison system for the first time ever
and can forcast crimes. this will See the cost and compare the fees
assoicated with sending $50.00

3. With no way to steal tokens from other inmates, the true value will be
safe and secure and will reduce violiance in prison.
4. By charging a fee such as 0.5% of each inmate to inmate transaction,
the state can generate an additional 100,000 in monthly revenu based
on the 2mm in monthly transactions that come in to the prison.

Our Mission

CellBlocks is rolling out a new pilot program. The goal is to give inmates
a means of transferring tokens via a digital wallet that is linked to an
18-digit wallet ID. This will enable inmates to move tokens seamlessly while
maintaining full security standards of the prison.

All that’s required of the correctional facility is a basic internet connection
to connect to the blockchain network and a standard 110V outlet. After a
simple setup process, you’ll have access to a potentially lucrative source
of revenue for the facility. Plus, with scannable, tamper-proof IDs, inmates’
tokens are safe from other inmates.

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