Great News: The Nevada State Department of Corrections is currently looking at two of it’s facilities: Casa Grande and Northern Nevada transitional housing units to be used for the CellBlocks pilot program. The negotiations and terms of the deal will take time to iron out, but are still currently in the project review phase.

Bringing the Innovative Power of
Blockchain Technology to the
United States Prison System


CellBlocks is a 21st century solution to the unregulated and untraceable prison economies plaguing our state and federal correctional institutions.

Reliable and secure "banking" for inmates to reduce theft and extortion.
For the first time, administrations can follow money as it moves from inmate to inmate.
A percentage of every transaction completed by inmates goes back to the prison.
Reducing overhead costs for prison administrations while reducing fees for inmates.
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"I find your project to have merit
and would be a commendable approach."

Heidi Lackner, Warden, Sierra Conservation Center.

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"We have submitted your coin info for
consideration and possible implementation."

Joel Martinez, Warden, Sierra Conservation Center

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"This will give us an insight
in a way no other prison has had before."

Asst. Warden, San Quentin State Prison

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"CellBlocks appears to have potential
for the inmate population and for our personnel."

Joe Lizarraga, Warden, Mule Creek State Prison

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CLBK Tokenholder benefits

CLBK— “GAS” in CellBlocks transactions

from every transaction
is "fuel"

0.5% from every transaction in CLBK tokens is “burned” forever for conducting the transaction. “Burning process” is decentrally regulated by smart-contracts. 0.5% will be calculated based on current exchange rate.

CLBK tokens issued during the ICO are the only tokens which will be issued by CellBlocks.
No CLBK tokens will be issued after ICO.

CellBlocks Supports Tokenholders

Monthly Loyalty Program

50% of all CellBlocks 1% transactions fees that come from the prisons will form the Monthly Loyalty Program. This program is aimed on stimulating users to buy and hold CellBlocks tokens. Loyalty rewards are made in CLBK tokens.

Each user’s loyalty rewards depends only on the amount of tokens he/she is in possionsson of. The distribution will be on a random day each month.

State Prisons in America

hold over 1.7 million inmates as of January 2017. These inmates have to rely on the same system that put them in prison to hold their money.

Federal Prisons in America

hold over 300,000 inmates as of January 2017. These prisons have never had access to see the money flow from inmate to inmate.

Prison Kiosk Machines
Inmates in the prison system will be able to use specially designed kiosks systems to access their CellBlocks wallets and make transactions. This kiosks will be designed to not allow the inmates free access to the internet, but will give them access to log into their own account to use their wallets like normal.

Revolutionizing Prison Payments

Our token system will take a slow, outdated, untrusted system and rehabilitate it into a real-time, digital, tamper-proof system.
  • Transparent System:
    Prison administrators can see the flow of transactions through their prison walls.
  • Real-time Transactions:
    Transactions are completed in seconds rather than days or weeks.
  • 100% Safe and Secure:
    CellBlocks can’t be stolen by other inmates.
  • Reducing Violence in Prison:
    Through decentralization, assets in prisons will shift to digital assets, reducing violence.
  • Labor Reduction:
    Save prisons hundreds of thousands of dollars each year in manual labor.
  • Inmate Package-Delivery Services:
    Digital payments speed up delivery time to inmates by 83%.

Road map

The achievement of all goals is laid out in this roadmap. We are continually working to meet deadlines, but if delays are required to maintain high standards, the timeline will be be adjusted as necessary.
January February March April May June July August September
cellblocks mobile bank development
Cryptoaquiring solutions
implementation. Development of
cellblocksSX technology
cellblocks OpenAPI platform development
AppStore for software
based on OpenAPI
Grants for OpenAPI
products development
Credit token protocol development, integration with scoring platforms,
setting up self-regulatory token exchange algorithms

Our Partners


Q3 2017
CellBlocks acquires ConCoin for 3% tokens in CellBlocks.
Q4 2017
Letters from prisons, package mailing companies, and inmates start showing up in support.
Q1 2018
CellBlocks starts making contact with state officials.
Q4 2018
Pilot program is put in place.
Q3 2018
Inmate apps and interface will undergo development.
Q2 2018
CellBlocks' works on a contract for pilot program.
Q1 2019
CellBlocks is officially launch
Q1 2019 and Beyond
CellBlocks begins expansions to other prisons across the country
Internal panels
External panels
Partners admin panel
(advertisement / payments
/ exchanges / loans)
Order gate
Payment gate
Partner affiliate
Partners admin panel
(advertisement / payments
/ exchanges / loans)
(Api interactions)
Mobile apps,
mobile SDK
WEB API, Widgets
Bank integrations
Data processes bus
Loyalty programs
Online accounting
Fraud monitoring
Notification Center
Messengers gate
Financials processing
Data processing
Advanced analytics
and forecasting
Currency exchanges
integration (SX)
Credit and loans
market integration
Event driven
External integrations
UCS Online
CJ Affiliate
Yii Framework

5 reasons why you should
buy CRPT tokens

Limited offer

All tokens will be issued only during ICO. This is coded in the CRPT Smart Contract, therefore it is 100% guaranteed by decentralized blockchain protocol. There will be no tokens issued after ICO.

Constant demand

All cellblocks solutions require CRPT tokens for usage and the amount of tokens in circulation will constantly decrease. The CRPT token is the fuel for cellblocks transaction processing. With every transaction, a small number of CRPT tokens are “burned”.

Loyalty rewards

By owning CRPT tokens and making transactions you will automatically become a member of our Loyalty Program, which provides cashback up to 80% for every transaction you make.

Compliance with SEC regulation

We worked closely with one of the best lawyers in blockchain and the SEC regulation sphere. Our legal opinion is that CRPT tokens are a utility and not a security. This guarantees a fast listing on exchanges after ICO.

Technical brilliance

The team who developed CRPT Smart Contract has 5 years of experience in blockchain solutions. We also secured a technical audit from Ambisafe, who confirmed the quality and security of our Smart Contract.

5 reasons why cellblocks is actually the next big thing

7 years of experience

We started creation of the most capable and convenient payment processing solution 7 years ago. cellblocks is the cumulative peak of that collaboration, utilizing the most efficient technology developed by our experienced team.

Developed ecosystem

cellblocks’s goal is not just to create another cryptowallet or bank cryptocard. We focus only on future technologies and infrastructure, using contactless payment technologies and creating full-fledged banking solutions.

Lowest and fairest exchange rates

cellblocks will erase geographic and mental boundaries between different currencies and cryptoassets by guaranteeing the lowest exchange rate and immediate exchanges, using cellblocksSX technology. Payment transfers and other transactions are quick and easy – no different than working in the currency of your own country.

Credit and lending solutions

The biggest difference between cryptocurrency and fiat is that cryptocurrencies can not generate standard interest profit like a banking system. We are creating solutions which will enable the generation of interest profit in a blockchain based world.

Everything in your smartphone

Why have a variety of services if you can’t access them quickly and easily? We are focused on mobile technologies to ensure we provide banking services with no limits, restrictions or delays.